5 More Days!

Hey Backers! Only 5 more days left in my Kickstarter! I've learned so much from this experience and look forward to sharing with you my top 5 lessons learned in a blog post next week (stay tuned). Obviously, having the funds to do this is awesome....but honestly, I could have received funding through a bank loan, credit cards, home equity line of credit, etc. So why Kickstarter? Answer: Validation.

I could have launched this and had NO ONE support it. That would have been a clear sign that this crazy idea maybe wasn't that great. But the fact that now 98 of you have validated that this is a great idea, that you support what I'm doing, that you want to see this idea become a reality is what is so meaningful to me...and I'm forever grateful for the encouragement & support.

So that said, we are now less than $100 from reaching our 1st stretch goal of $15,000. If we hit it, I'll hire an awesome website developer to build out www.americaattheseams.com fully equipped with blog posts on each state story, awesome pictures of the artwork as it is developed, and an e-commerce platform for more project specific products for purchase. I'll also be randomly giving away the one-of-a-kind original artwork used to produce the project t-shirt, autographed & framed to one of you backers.

I'd love to see over 100 total Backers support this. Tell a friend this week to get behind this project - even if it's $5. Share it on Facebook or Twitter. Crazy stat of the day: over 50% of you backed this project after seeing it on social media, so please keep sharing! Here's a good Facebook link to share: